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This community is for those of us who love Chick lit type books but also like other genres. This community will not be just Chick Lit focused. The main objective of this group is to post reviews of books you have read, others can comment with their opinion (nicely) or just say thanks for the author suggest. This community will be heavily moderated, so please keep the drama level at 0. Also please invite your friends that are book lovers as well.


1. Be respectful of ALL members.
2. No drama is to be posted here, it will get deleted and you will be removed from the group if it happens again.
3. Have fun sharing books with others.
4. If/When we have swaps, please only sign up if you are 100% committed.

Feel free to promote the group in your own LJ's. The more the merrier, I always say.

When signing up please post an introduction:


Niki A
lives in North Carolina
reads all types of books but my favorite chicklit author so far is Jane Porter. I would love to have suggestions on other chick lit authors. I read mystery/legal thrillers.

You can use whatever formatting you like for your intro, like I said mine is an example.


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